12 lessons of CrossFit:

  1. You can never have too many CrossFit accessories.
  2. Personal jump ropes are perfect and irreplaceable.
  3. It is difficult to differentiate between chalking up during a WOD and taking a break.
  4. CrossFit shoe choices are divisive among athletes.
  5. There is always something to work on.
  6. Recovery can be evasive.
  7. A Turkish getup has nothing to do with a Halloween costume.
  8. If you don’t know what a Lululemon is, you will.
  9. Paleo and the holiday season do not mix well.
  10. Hero WODs, no matter how difficult, always lift your spirits.
  11. Caring for hands and calluses is an art and a science.
  12. There is a 30” box somewhere that is ready to take part of your soul.

Feel free to add any others in the comments!

If you liked these lessons and would like to explore them check out the World Wide WOD Gym Resolutions 2017 competition on Saturday January 7th, 2017 at CrossFit Mountain Island.

This is a great way to base line three standard WODs: Helena, Karina and Grace. For more information click here. Registration will is open! Space is limited to sign up soon!

We hope to see you in January.

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