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We’ve all heard it. Backsquats and deadlifts are bad for your back. Yada yada yada…

Do me a favor. Sit down on the toilet without doing a squat. Get out of your car without squatting.

Pick up a bag of groceries without doing a deadlift. Try to move a piece of furniture around your house for the 5th time without doing a deadlift (stop watching HGTV, Martha. The couch is fine right where it is, I promise). You’re welcome, husbands.

But seriously, I’ll wait.

And I’ll continue waiting. Because you can’t perform common daily functions in life without these basic requirements. The fundamentals of movement are as integral to your humanity as breathing, walking and eating. They’re essential. Non-negotiable. You don’t get to avoid them. So why do so many of us avoid them on a daily basis, even if we exercise regularly? Because most people don’t know how. I can’t tell you how many members have told me that before joining my gym how they learned everything from youtube. Unfortunately, to thrive from youtube coaching, you need to have a very heightened level of self awareness and understanding behind the INTENTION of movements. It helps to know how to control your body in space. Those are skills and levels of awareness that we develop playing sports as kids, but they quickly deteriorates as we go through live sitting at desks, sitting in cars, and sitting on couches.

Ya know. Not being athletic. That’s why (almost) everyone needs a coach.

If you want life to be better (or just continue stacking the deck towards staying independent), you can’t ignore the basics. Hanging out on the treadmill, knocking out some pec fly’s and cruising through the leg extension machine is better than nothing, but you’re still on the boat. Meanwhile, Gilligan and company are out exploring the island, finding shelter and making fire. Ya know. Thriving. Flourishing.

The reason most people don’t do the kind of exercise programs that deliver real results is because they don’t know how. No one ever showed them how to do movements safely and correctly. They just saw a friend on facebook or heard their overweight and out of shape doctor tell them that squats will make their knees explode, and deadlifts will absolutely destroy their back. The only safe option for exercise is speed walking with 5# dumbbells or riding a stationary bike for 40 minute. That’ll do the trick. Trust me. You walk on that treadmill for 40 minutes, 3 times a week and make sure your diet is 60-70% grains. It’ll work out really well. Just look at your peers! Clearly our society has this whole health thing figured out, that’s why it’s so mainstream.

Find a coach. Ask questions. Learn how to exercise safely and correctly. Workout with your friends that don’t have earphones in. Do that, often and with variety.

Don’t go at it alone. The constraints of society these days isolate us enough. We’re made to interact and be with our peers. To learn from each other. To support and be supported from. To build relationships.

Do some deadlifts. Eat some vegetables.

Get fitter.

Be healthier.

Live happier.

In Health,

Coach Coty


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