Who Is Kelly Austin the Kayaker?

“This year, I’m going to get back in the gym and fix my diet. It’s time to take this SERIOUSLY!” -everyone, in the history of ever.

Well, in January of 2020, Kelly Austin made that decision and walked into our gym to ask for help, even though every fiber of her being was screaming “DON’T DO IT!”

She was scared. Intimidated. Anxious that she wasn’t fit enough. She was also committed to change her life for the better. And that’s all we needed.

Kelly began with our foundations program to learn the basics of safety in a personal training environment before trying a class. She worked with our nutrition coach, and learned the basics of what a nutrient dense diet looks like and how food can make her feel GOOD and lose weight. And she made a commitment to stick around after class every day with her new friend she made at the gym (Rebecca) and walk for 30 minutes.

What’s even crazier? She kept up her routine THROUGH the COVID-19 quarantine and didn’t let it slow down her momentum. Talk about mental toughness.

This week we interviewed Kelly to learn more about her experience so far, and to take a second just to acknowledge how awesome she’s doing.

Since the beginning of this year, Kelly has lost 21 pounds of body fat (<–see just how much that is, it’s crazy) and gotten stronger than she could’ve imagined in such a short amount of time. And what’s even better? She’s not doing a fad, unsustainable diet or a crazy intense workout program. She’s making friends, learning new, healthy habits and in this thing for the long haul. Kelly Austin is going to be a very different person by January 2021. Healthier. Happier. More self-sufficient. And on a road to real results and lifestyle change.

That’s what matters.

Kelly’s Story So Far

Noelle: “What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?” 

Kelly:Jesus and wanting to be more fit for Kayaking.

Noelle: “What was your first impression? How has that changed?” 

Kelly: “I was scared to death, extremely intimidated and had no idea how in the world I would be able to do CrossFit.  Now I don’t know how I could ever live without CrossFit and my CFMI Fam!  Even on the days when I feel defeated, the accomplishments out weigh them!

Noelle: “What was your first “bright spot”?”  (At our gym, we celebrate “bright spots” every Friday. These can be accomplishments in the gym, outside of the gym or at work. The purpose of this is to shine a light on positive things on our lives so that we can remain grateful and supportive of one another).

Kelly: “My first bright spot has easily been the relationships I’ve formed in this community. I never expected to make true friends that want to help me succeed.”

Noelle:What are you working on now?” 

Kelly: “Patience which is something I’ve never had and being more positive internally.  Snuff out the I cant do that voice in my head completely. Continue to lose fat and gain muscle.

Noelle: “What’s your favorite CrossFit Mountain Island memory?” 

Kelly: I honestly couldn’t pick one memory, everyday something sparks a new fire.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Kelly. As a result of you showing up every day, you add fuel to the fire that is making you burn fat, get stronger and get healthy. We’re so proud of your hard work!

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