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Coty and Noelle are Charlotte natives and the owners of CrossFit Mountain Island and have been running the gym since late 2017. At CFMI, you will become physically strong, mentally tough, and spiritually sound.

We help professional adults like you pursue your perfect life by getting the body of your dreams and cleaning up your diet. You take responsibility for yourself and your actions, are willing to humble yourself and learn, and are looking for a realistic lifestyle change. We help facilitate this growth. 

We are not a place for those who blame their situation on things they can’t control, who are looking for a quick fix with as little effort as possible, or people who think they already know the solution. Without our help these people will continue not knowing how to fix their problem, creating and accepting sickness for themselves and their families, and continuing to wish that someone would give them the tools and power to experience success.

This makes their life a living hell because they waste time and money on solutions that don’t work. They buy new clothes because what they want to wear doesn’t fit. They live every day with an underlying level of shame and self loathing. They’re at risk of looking back on life with regret that they couldn’t experience what they wanted to as a consequence of inaction and lack of health and fitness.

But with our help you will be amazed with how you look and feel! You will have happy and healthy home lives and have the freedom to do whatever you want in life because you’re not limited by fragility or physical incapability. You will actually be able to participate in LIFE with your friends and family without being worried about getting hurt or not being physically capable of doing things you enjoy. You will feel GOOD and want to do things other than work and watch TV. You’ll stop being afraid of your age and the inevitable sickness you were expecting. 

We do this because we don’t want you to look back on your life with regret that your precious life was wasted. We understand that the path is not easy and that you cannot walk it alone. The choice is easy. Ask for help and you shall receive.


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