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Just Show Up

 “Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if instead of avoiding the things you know you should do, you actually did them every single day—that’s powerful.” – JBP

As I look ahead to the coming months and what is in store for us at CrossFit Mountain Island, I have to take a step back and appreciate the fact that we’re quickly approaching our 6 year anniversary of being in business. When I first bought and took over my gym in October of 2017, I didn’t have a plan. I was a 24 year old kid who loved Crossfit, was already coaching full-time and saw an opportunity. I knew I had a vision of what I wanted for my life and for my community and this was a potential step in the right direction, and that was enough for me. After a few months, I had the gym from -$4000+ a month to at least paying the bills, but I knew I needed help. So I hired a coach (Chris Cooper at Two Brain Business) and asked for guidance.

Here’s the kicker. I did most of what he told me to do, and it worked.

Did I follow every step perfectly, 100% of the time? No.

Did I try? Hell yes.

I asked questions often. I used the resources they gave me. I followed the guidance he and his team of mentors / coaches provided and have been for the last 5. I made an intentional effort every day to apply what I was learning, even when it was uncomfortable. And here we are, 6 years later doing 10x better than I ever expected we could. It hasn’t all gone according to plan, but here we are.

There’s much to be made about having a detailed business plan, a list of Core Values, and a Vivid Vision for your business. I do think these things are important and can be super powerful. Hell, I’ve done all of those things and they’ve helped. But they can’t replace effort.

The fundamental reality is, whether it’s in business or in training, it’s the people that can continue to show up day in and day out that will make the most progress. No one performs at 100% everyday. But you can alway show up. And showing up consistently is where the real magic happens.

Focus on the daily tasks and habits that produce results and be relentless with them. If you can focus on the actions the outcomes will be there. But if you sit around and all you do is plan the outcomes, you’re never gonna make it. If you get so wrapped up with the end result or crafting the perfect plan to get there but you never take action and start creating momentum, you’ll be looking for plans and quick fixes for the rest of your life.

Set a goal. Decide on a handful of actions that will move you in the right direction and start doing those things every day.

I’m proud of how far we’ve come in the last 6 years. I’m proud of the amazing people who work with us and coach with us. I’m proud of the people who’s lives we’ve helped change for the better. We’ve made mistakes along the way and we’ve learned a lot in the last 6 years. But one thing we’ve done every single day, no matter what, is show up. And that’s what it takes.

Stay consistent. Keep moving forward.

If you can’t figure out what to do, do what I did. Find a coach or a mentor to help you find clarity so that you can take action. You won’t regret it.

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In Health,

Coty Bradburn


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