10 Gift Ideas for Your Fit Friends

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings, babies, house warmings, graduations. Every year, gift giving opportunities arise and for some reason we always get stumped on what to buy. Here are 10 ideas for your fit friend/family member/significant other. 1. Air Fryer If you or your loved one is in to meal prepping, an air fryer is the […]

Everyone starts at a 10

People are weird. Relationships are difficult, and complex. Every day, we have hundreds of interactions and thousands of thoughts with a variety of different people. Some, we know, like and trust. Others, we have an opinion on derived from what little information, context and life experiences we have. I like to think that for most […]

“Bright Spot Friday”

At CrossFit Mountain Island, we have a weekly routine in our private facebook page for our members. Every Friday we create a thread called “bright spots” and encourage our members to talk about what went right for them that week. It could be related to wins at home, in the gym, at work or just […]

The Last Start

So you want to make the jump to get healthy.  A few things will happen. People are going to have an opinion. You are going to listen. It’s up to you how you proceed.  You have a history of starting something new and falling off the wagon. You attempt to go for a few weeks […]

Peaks and Valleys

I talk with thousands of people every year about health, fitness and exercise goals. We always start there, and oftentimes we’ll end up discussing careers, marriages and life. We talk about the positives and the negatives. The wins and losses. The challenges that make progress seem impossible and successes that make all of our hard […]

Fitness In 100 Words

So, let’s break this definition down. What does it mean? What about it is so elegantly simple and effective? Let’s start with the base.

Know Your Body with the InBody

What is the InBody? The InBody machine is a very expensive, non-invasive analysis tool that gives us a complete breakdown of your weight in terms of body fat, muscle mass, and water weight. Ever wonder what’s really happening when you step on the scale every morning? How can it be 5-10lbs different from one day […]

Why So Salty?

There are 4 vital elements needed for life: Oxygen Water Sodium Potassium I ask all my clients, “How much water do you drink?” The most common answers are, “I don’t like water,” “Not much,” and “I don’t drink water because it makes me pee too much.” I get it. Sometimes we just aren’t thirsty or […]

Why CrossFit?

Part 2. Read part 1 here. What is it about “CrossFit” that has taken the fitness world by storm? Why has it become the worlds fastest growing and most successful vehicle for delivering health and fitness to the community? The answer to that question depends largely on who you ask, but there are common themes […]

What’s a “Keystone Habit” and why should you care about them?

Complete this sentence: I feel better when I __________ every day. What was your gut instinct? For most of us, it’s probably something we’re not doing as often as we’d like (think daily). And that’s not necessarily because we lack motivation; more often than not it’s because we don’t realize how impactful that “thing” could […]


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