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CrossFit. Exercising for Health vs. Punishment part II

Clarity. Awareness. Consistency. Intentionality. In our last blog post, we talked about clarity and awareness. If you haven’t read that one yet, check it out here. Today, we’ll discuss where to go when we’ve gained the perspective that comes with our self-awareness and clarity. Now, we can make decisions that align with our perspective. So, What does it mean to be “intentional”? To be done on purpose; deliberate. Deliberate. That’s where it starts. Most people we meet at CrossFit Mountain Island have a clear desire. They want to lose fat and gain muscle. To get “toned”. To feel better. To look better. To be healthy. What they don’t know is how to get there. They realize they see this point on the distant horizon, but the journey there seems unclear and challenging. They need a guide, and they’ve come to us looking for guidance. Every hero needs a guide in their journey. The problem? They don’t yet see themselves as the hero of their journey. You remember last time? We used Sally as an example. Sally has this perception of the woman she aspires to be. She probably has a pretty clear picture of what she looks like. The things she does. The way she dresses. Even the way she speaks. The disconnect? Sally doesn’t identify with that person. It’s a pipe dream. A “one-day”. It’s someone she some day hopes to be. This is how most people will fail before they even take their first step. Sally HAS to control her thoughts. Her consciousness. She has to be intentional and deliberate in her decisions to BE the healthy version of herself before she can ever hope to reap the benefits she desires. If we continue telling ourselves to do things (exercise, eat healthy, be more active) that don’t align with the person we believe ourselves to be, it’ll always feel fake. Contrived. Not in alignment with our real values. And when that is the case, we’ll always come back to where we started. Or worse. So, where do we start? With intentionally making a decision to be your healthiest, happiest self. We have to pull the pain out of our subconscious and process it. Understand it. Come to terms with it. From there, we start intentionally and consistently creating healthy habits. Because I am a healthy person, I WILL… Only buy healthy groceries. Drink water instead of soda. Exercise at a gym or outside every day in some way, shape or form. Park farther away from the store so I have to walk. Choose the healthier options at the restaurant MOST of the time. Stop drinking alcohol every day. Listen to podcasts or consume some kind of health and fitness related content regularly (this one’s important). The healthy decisions and ACTIONS need to be on the forefront of your mind. Every. Single. Day.
At first, it’ll seem abnormal. It’ll take extra work. You will have to be intentional. Until one day, it’s a habit. And you’re just living your life. And what seems like suddenly, you’re losing weight. Your clothes are fitting differently. People are noticing that you look and act different. Your sleep has improved. You have vegetables in your house instead of boxes of cookies. And it’s no longer a decision, but a lifestyle. That is where the magic happens. That’s the “secret” you’re looking for. Doing the things that your healthy friends do on a daily basis is where you have to start if you ever hope to succeed. Health and wellness have to live in the front of your brain and in your consciousness on a daily, hourly basis because from there, it evolves into a habit and a lifestyle.

This is how success truly happens and you become the hero you’re destined to be in your life. Clarity. Awareness. Consistency. Intentionality. When you’re ready to start being your own hero, we’re here ready to help guide you. It’s actually our singular mission at CrossFit Mountain Island. “To be the catalyst of change that help’s to save peoples lives.” Schedule a Free No-Sweat Intro to meet with your guide today. In health, Coty


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