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What is rich? When I was a kid, being rich meant being able to buy any toy that I wanted. Being rich meant being able to basically BUY Carowinds, and invite all of my friends to hangout at the amusement part for free anytime we wanted (except A.J.). Being rich meant unlimited paintball, and all of the best paintball guns.

As an adult, the signs that “I made it” are more mature like,

“Order whatever you want for dinner, we don’t have to worry about it”

“Paying for a car in cash”

“Not flying Delta, just one time.”

Wealth for me isn’t about doing certain things. It isn’t about living certain places or driving certain cars. Not right now, anyways. Wealth for me, and probably for all of us, is about having the freedom to choose. Having the freedom to decide whether or not you’ll do something, or go somewhere, or buy some thing.

It doesn’t stop at your debit card. Wealth also includes having the health to experience things. All of the money in the world won’t get you up a mountain.

It won’t allow you to experience paddleboarding out into the middle of a lake in Colorado to experience the amazing world we’ve been blessed to live in.

It won’t buy you the ability to jog through a rainforest with your significant other on a honeymoon, or to chase your kids through the surf, laughing, on a beach.

We can only enjoy our wealth as much as our mind and body will allow us. Going back in time and choosing bananas over chips, or spinach over pasta isn’t an option. But you’re only one meal away from being on track to a healthy and happy version of yourself.

Taking 5 minutes to plan tomorrows lunch is free. Showing up and choosing to workout makes deposits into a health savings account that only ever builds value and doesn’t crash with the market. No one can take that away from you, and the interest compounds.

Does wealth matter if you don’t take care of your body in a way that let’s you fully experience it? Maybe.

Probably not.

We can always figure out how to make more money. They print it everyday (nowadays, they’re giving it away). But no one can give you your health. That’s something you have to earn for yourself, and create for yourself.

We’re just here to give you the instructions and support you along the way. Think of us as your “Onboarding Specialists”.

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