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Starting a new workout routine or nutrition plan is simple. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. Or rather, it doesn’t feel hard.

At this point, hundreds of people have sat across from me in my office and said that their lifestyle (exercise + nutrition + habits) are “pretty good”. They don’t really need much help there, they just need to start exercising again.

Meanwhile, their body fat percentage is, on average, 35-50%.

That isn’t to say they’re bad people or there is anything wrong with them. But.


And I can tell you this. I’ve never been more proud of anyone than the person that sits across from me and says “Yeah, I need help. But I’m ready to do this and stop making excuses”.

Most of us don’t realize we have a problem because we’re never forced to face it or acknowledge it. We go through our daily lives without any absolute necessity to do anything that requires even a basic prerequisite fitness. And we’re surrounded by people that look like us (or worse than us) which helps us justify the idea that “everything’s fine, I look better than or at least like everyone else”. I must be normal, which means I’m probably fine.


Your car takes you to work. Where you sit down in an office for 8 hours. You don’t even have to climb stairs to get to your office because a magic box lets you stand still while you ascend 30-100′ through the air. You drive home where you sit on your couch or go out and hangout with friends. Probably somewhere where you’re all sitting. You lay down and sleep and repeat. And that’s normal, because it’s what everyone else is doing.

At this point in society, the only real requisite level of fitness needed to be normal is the ability to be able to walk around (which not everyone is blessed with, and some people are still being badasses. Check out adaptive athletes in CrossFit, it’s amazing).

So, when you start exercising again or start a new nutrition plan, it feels like the end of the world because it’s SO FREAKING HARD. Because your body hasn’t had to do anything hard for how many years? Think about it.

Cutting sugar from your diet isn’t hard. It doesn’t make you feel bad. What makes you feel bad is the withdrawal that your body is going through because you’ve stopped using the drug that was altering your mood, and masking the symptoms of what you were actually doing to your body. Sugar, in its many forms, is a wonderfully terrible drug which causes the disease that it so easily masks the symptoms of.

“Sedentarism” removes the demands on our body that require it to actually be useful. Of course you don’t think there’s a problem. Your day to day activities don’t require your body do anything other than walk for :30 to 5:00 at a time. The truth is, most people’s bodies would fail them on a dime if there was ever any real need for their bodies to be useful.

Sedentarism is a curtain, and most people in society are hiding behind it.

The hard things that most of us are scared to do aren’t hard, but they expose the weakness we have hidden by not doing them.

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