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Holiday Gift Guide (CrossFit Edition)

Take your wish list to the next level with this gift guide for CrossFitters!

Self Discovery Journal and Life Planner

What you’ll find inside:
Guided journaling prompts that help you uncover your life’s purpose, bring your dreams into reality with manifestation techniques, create healthy habits that support your goals, and stay on track with daily journaling prompts!

Red Light Panel

Infrared light therapy has been shown to improve muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, making it an ideal treatment for athletes.

Foam Roller

Roll out tight muscles with this high-density, affordable foam roller.

Knee Sleeves

There are many brand of knee sleeves to choose from on the market, but the quality of Rehbands is unparalleled. Great for strength and metcons.

Weightlifting Belt

We don’t typically recommend our athletes start wearing weight belts until they’ve learned to correctly stabilize their core and have built a strong foundation. However, if you are a purple, brown, or black level athlete, it might be time to consider a strong belt for your heavier weights.

Rope Climb Shin Guards

If you’ve ever climbed a rope, you know the internal bone bruise and bloody shins that last 2-3weeks is NO JOKE. Save yourself the pain and get some designated shin guards.


When training for CrossFit, the last thing you want to do is squat, deadlift, do box jumps, or anything else that requires foot stabilization, in running shoes. You need flat trainers that work well for both stabilization and running. We like the Reebok Nanos because they have a wide toe box, allowing for optimal full-foot stability.


If you struggle with ankle mobility and can’t quite hit full-depth squats OR if you’re ready to up your weightlifting performance, it’s time to invest in some high quality lifters. Yes, they’re pricey, but they last 7-10 years.

Jump Rope

Coty’s favorite speed rope. Save yourself the hassle of maybe getting a rope your size in class and get your own the fits you perfectly! You might just level up your neuro & core.

The Sports Bra Everyone Asks About

Great for small and large chested athletes. Soft and beautiful!

The Shorts Everyone Asks About

Don’t tell me you aren’t doing CrossFit to have a great booty… Show it off with these high waisted shorts that hug all the right curves.

Thumb Tape

Barbell cycling leaving your thumbs a blistery, bloody mess? Don’t play that game. Wrap ’em up!

KT Tape

Shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, wrists…these joints just don’t work like they used to. Give them some support with KT Tape. There are tons of YouTube videos on how to use it. My mommas still out there CrossFitting at 8-10 months pregnant, wrap that belly for some additional support. My postpartum mommas healing their diastasis, use small pieces of the tape to give your gap some structure.

Wrist Wraps

Some heavy duty wrist wraps go a long way when that wrist pain flares up. Don’t depend on these wraps often. You need to build strength and stability in your wrists without wrap support.

Hand Care

Rips happen. Lather up with Organic Joshua Tree Hand Salve.

Prevent rips by keeping your calluses shaved down. Rips aren’t a right of passage. Take care of your hands.

Gymnastics Grips

More hand protection for pull-ups and muscle ups.

Muscle Recovery (Tens Unit)

A great tool for muscle recovery. Read more about electric stimulation here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5683854/

Silicone Wedding Bands

Change out your expensive wedding/engagement rings before you start exercising. These silicone rings are stylish and protect your fingers.

Discovery Sessions to Start at CrossFit Mountain Island

Gift a friend or loved one with 5 Discovery Sessions to find their overall fitness level and change their life!

Improve Your CrossFit Skills with Private Sessions

Use this time to work one-on-one with a professional coach to improve your gymnastics, weightlifting, or endurance skills. Close to leveling up? This is your chance to move the needle!


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