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Athena Perez: Her Story

A true inspiration.

Many have seen her video story but Athena Perez’s new memoir Lifting the Wait – a story of triumph and finding a belief and love of self (and God)…it is absolutely incredible to read what she has overcome. The story is told in such a raw and captivating manner that it pulls you in wondering how one person lived through so much chaos! Athena tells it like it is, and you find parts of your own story to relate to, no matter how different her struggle might be from your own. The other piece is real truthfulness in how food can become something it’s not to so many of us. Overeating and obesity isn’t something many can talk about with authority and really share what it is like. It was so refreshing to read something that resonated in so many ways even though Athen’a s story is so different than mine. I was obese for 20+ years and for anyone who suffers from disordered eating habits or loves someone who does, you will relate to this story. We are not alone. Athena, by bravely sharing her story, shows us that we don’t have to be ashamed of our weight, our past, or stalled by our limited thinking. And that no matter how many times we’ve been let down, the only way out is through. We can, no matter our past, find trusted communities, coaches, counselors, fellowship, friends, and triumph that ultimately put you on the path to an ‘anything is possible’ future. Athena’s book shows us there is hope and calm beyond the chaos.

– Jen Pendleton, author of JenXJourney Blog

Athena is one of many stories of people who have made the decision to seek help and make a change. Currently clicking ‘Buy Now’ in my Amazon shopping cart. Cannot wait to read more about her journey. You can follow Athena on Instagram to stay up to date on her latest challenges and accomplishments.

If you can relate to Athena’s story, we would LOVE to hear yours! Send us a reply email with your story. If you simply want to share it with us, we want to listen. If you want other people to hear your story, we will happily be your platform (CFMI-Podcast, Vlog, Blog, Photo+caption).

If you’re just getting started on your journey, we can help. Reach out to meet with me and Coty to come up with a plan that works for you.

In Health,

Noelle McConnell


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