Every day, I wake up at 4:30am to a pot of coffee, a book, and a feeling of responsibility to my community that is centered around making them healthier and self-sufficient human beings.

People deserve to know what it’s like to be well. You, your spouse and your family should know the difference between “alive” and “living”. You deserve to know that your body isn’t going to fail you when experiencing new things. You should feel like you can handle yourself and pull your own weight when working on a house project with a spouse, or feel capable when being a contributing member of society requires you to use some level of physicality. You should feel confident in your body, not ashamed of it. No one should doubt themselves or their ability to take care of their body. You only get one.

Some women look in the mirror and resent what they see. Some men feel a sense of anxiety that they can’t take care of themselves or their families if push comes to shove. They fear that they’re losing the freedoms that they had in their youth. It’s like there is a train barreling down the tracks at them, and they’re paralyzed by a lack of understanding. They know they need to get off the tracks, the issue isn’t in knowing there is a problem. The issue is in facing it head on, and not having anyone in their corner to tell them there’s a train coming and they need to get the F#*k out of the way.

I’ve met and helped women who are fearful that their marriage is heading down a path that it won’t come back from because they no longer prioritize their health or wellness, and they can tangibly feel the fire burning out of their marriage.

I’ve met men who fear time passing because of the glimpses they’ve seen of their father. They’ve seen what happens when the “day to day” is centered around work, home, beer and television without intentional exercise, regularly. They’ve seen what time has done to their Father, and they know that history is destined to repeat itself unless they make a change. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and no one will make that change for them.

I’ve helped women who felt frustration in the fact that they can’t help their spouses with simple home projects because they lack the strength to carry lumber, or work in the yard. They feel like they’re incapable of being a useful partner for their partner, and that sense of self-worth is lacking. Their identity isn’t centered in their body or the number on the scale, but they DO find value in being strong. In being useful. In being an “evenly yolked” partner in their marriage. They deserve to feel capable of taking care of themselves. To feel like they can contribute to the household with more than the “status quo” of previous generations. To feel strong.

I’ve helped men rekindle their identity in being masculine. In feeling strong and capable. In feeling like they have control of their futures, and their independence as they go down the road of life. I talked to a young man just yesterday in the value of being strong, right there with his father. We discussed what it’s like to be a man, and feel the internal confidence and peace that comes with having physical strength and capability. In knowing that whatever comes your way, you are prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones with your body AND your mind.

There is a deep fire in all of our souls that burns brighter when we fuel it. It is a peace that is fed through perseverance. A sense of calmness that comes from physical labor and dedication. A gratification that can’t be bought, only earned in sweat.

I wake up at 4:30am because I believe all human beings deserve to burn bright. I believe that true success can’t precede health, and without investing in being well, no one can unlock their full potential.

I wake up at 4:30am so that I can open up my gym and give people a chance to feed their fire and become better human beings.

Strive for best better.

In Health,

Coach Coty.

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