So you want to make the jump to get healthy. 

A few things will happen. People are going to have an opinion. You are going to listen. It’s up to you how you proceed. 

You have a history of starting something new and falling off the wagon. You attempt to go for a few weeks or months, but lose motivation quickly. You feel insecure, scared, uneducated in exercise and proper form, and doubt if you can even stick with it this time. But you’re sick of being where you are now and fear where you’ll be this time next year. 

First, you tell a friend or family member and they seem supportive–again–but they doubt you mean it this time. Their doubt feeds your doubt. You start to have second thoughts about starting on Monday and push it to Friday after you’ve finished your work week. Things are stressful anyway. You drive to the gym for that dreaded meeting with a coach where you have to make them believe you really mean it this time, while still doubting if you actually do. But you’re in the parking lot and the next step is to walk to the front door. All kinds of people are coming in and out of the door. Not just fit people, people who look like you. So you get up the courage to walk in and try not to look so lost. You’re greeted by the super sweet coach who makes you feel welcome and speaks to you like a real person, no judgement, no expectations. You’re still very nervous and very intimidated because the coach is fit and you think there’s no way he knows how difficult this is for you. 

You go back to the office where you know you’re going to have to answer questions like, “What are your goals?,” “Why are they important to you?,” “How serious are you about reaching your goals?,  “How long do you think it will take to achieve them?,” “Rate your nutrition.” GAH. So uncomfortable! You respond, exasperatedly, “I just know I don’t want to be where I am now anymore and definitely not the same this time next year. Please help me.” 

The coach smiles and says, “Don’t worry. I’m on your side and we’re going to do this together. I believe in you.” Experience tells you that people can’t easily be trusted and you’ve failed many times before, but you are sick and tired of starting over, so you take a leap of faith. You choose personal training because classes are way too intimidating right now and you seriously do not want people even looking in your direction. 

The first few weeks are humiliating! The coach is kind and patient and explains things really well, but you are just so embarrassed with how difficult basic movements are for you. You hate feeling bad at things and this is so hard, mentally and physically. But you promised yourself you would show up every day no matter what. Just show up. Even when you don’t want to. You leave some sessions in tears. The mental and physical exhaustion are like nothing you’ve felt before.

Months go by and you’ve lost a few pounds, but your nutrition isn’t what it should be and it’s all so confusing. Finally, you have a heart to heart with your coach about your frustrations and you learn that you need to really focus on food portions, not just quality. So you start to implement the tools your coach gave you. You’ve developed more trust and accountability with your coach and though you’re not always perfect, you give yourself grace and space to grow and learn. 

A year goes by and people have really started to notice your progress. You’re definitely stronger than you were on Day 1. You have more confidence, but still have deep insecurities. You notice that you’re not as afraid to try new things and shock yourself at the things you’re capable of now. You decide it’s time to try classes and because you already have the habit of showing up, you make it to every class! You realize that everyone else in class gets a specific modification just like you and you celebrate each other at the end of the workout. Suddenly, you find out that your friends in class have the same struggles and insecurities as you and you feel understood. So you encourage each other to uphold habits and push each other in class to finish every workout. 

You understand that this isn’t a quick fix anymore. This is a lifestyle and you love it. You finally love it. And the people who doubted you now realize that they can do it too. You are their inspiration because you did what most people cannot. You committed. 

*Based on a true story of someone just like you.

Please, let us help you make this the last start of your forever journey.

In Health,

Noelle McConnell

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