Know Your Body with the InBody

What is the InBody? The InBody machine is a very expensive, non-invasive analysis tool that gives us a complete breakdown of your weight in terms …

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Why So Salty?

There are 4 vital elements needed for life: Oxygen Water Sodium Potassium I ask all my clients, “How much water do you drink?” The most …

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Why CrossFit?

Part 2. Read part 1 here. What is it about “CrossFit” that has taken the fitness world by storm? Why has it become the worlds …

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Victim to Victor

Let’s talk about our “self talk.” I often find myself having “victim” thoughts; however, because I intentionally practice rerouting them, I am able to turn …

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The Road To CrossFit

No, seriously. How did we get here? How did we find CrossFit? And what keeps us around? I’ll dig into that over this mini-series of …

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What’s a “Keystone Habit” and why should you care about them?

Complete this sentence: I feel better when I __________ every day. What was your gut instinct? For most of us, it’s probably something we’re not …

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Your Problem With Food Is Your Food Language

How many cheat meals did you have last week? How many healthy meals? To define that, we’d have to first establish what a “healthy meal” …

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Finally! Macros Explained.

Think of one or two people who have the body that you WISH you could have. Are they lean with nice muscle definition and low …

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Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

You may have heard that the macronutrient “protein” are the building blocks of muscle. This is true, protein help muscles to repair and recover. Protein …

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A “Kayaker” walks into a CrossFit gym…

Who Is Kelly Austin the Kayaker? “This year, I’m going to get back in the gym and fix my diet. It’s time to take this …

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