Why do keto, intermittent fasting and tracking macros work?

So. You have a friend. That friend lost weight doing keto and swears it’s the answer to your problems. All you have to do is …

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How A Fitness Shortcut Can Hurt Your Health

January 1 is International Shortcut Day! Jan 1st is all about New Year’s Resolutions. And let’s be honest, most of us have goals that revolve around …

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5 Ways Joining CrossFit Mountain Island Can Make You Money $

1. Mental Acuity Multiple studies have shown that exercise improves cognitive ability.  In his book “Spark” Dr. John Ratey shows how exercise helps improve focus, …

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Are Discounted Gym’s Worth It?

2020 vision and you’re focused on finally getting fit. It’s the new year and 95% of big box gyms are running some sort of discount …

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Supplements. What’s worth it?

So. You’re a few months into CrossFit. You’re starting to get the hang of all the lingo, and burpees don’t feel like a death sentence …

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Why Your Health Is Worth It

At my gym, every new member starts with what we call a “No-Sweat Intro” (referred to as an NSI). It’s a free consultation for anyone …

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If I had a dollar every time someone said to me they need to do more “cardio” to lose weight, I could sell the gym …

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How To Minimize Stress

One undeniable fact about life: It’s not always easy. Stress happens, it’s part of our daily lives in one way or another. Some deal with …

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